Shegokar Cable Network

SHEGOKAR Cable started their cable services few year ago.Now SHEGOKAR Cable Network provide TV chennel.They provide better services to customer .Shegokar Cable Network provide 3 diffrent types of Setup Box services. SHEGOKAR Cable Network provide UCN,GTPL,CITY CABLE and other local cable cable services as per customer need.

So now if you are Shegowkar cable Customer can pay bill by using our website,We provide better service for customer,If you want cable service ,you can easy apply register in our website,Customer can send feedback and suggetion also in our website,WE provide electronic billing service at home and payment SMS service for customer.

Buisness Address

Prashant D Shegokar
56 Ashok Colony, Morshi Road
Mobile No:9096089400
Office No : 0721 - 2552755
Email ID : mr.prashantshegokar@rediffmail.com